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je nach Verfügbarkeit und Preisentwicklung der Edelsteine


A language of love

Jewellery is always something special thanks to its material value alone, of course – hand-crafted from precious metals and beautiful, rare stones formed in the Earth’s deepest inner core over millions of years. 
But the value resulting from the rarity of such stones, and the expense of extracting them, is not the only reason for our continuing fascination with them. Nobody can fail to be moved by the endlessly shining depth and glittering of a diamond, for example. Light radiates out of this stone in every imaginable colour – a tiny miracle of nature! So when a man presents his loved one with a ring made of diamonds, it means more than just giving a piece of jewellery as a gift. Because the ring expresses the following “To me, you are as unique, as incomparable and fascinating as this glittering stone.” Jewellery carries a message in and of itself. You might even say it is a language of love.

First Love

„I love this one woman so much, I want to give her something very valuable."

Engagement ring

For centuries, men have given their future wife a ring when they get engaged.

Wedding ring

The ring that the bride and groom solemnly put on each other is a symbol of eternity.

Morning gift

Giving the chosen one a piece of jewellery the morning after the wedding.


Many proud fathers give their wives a very special piece of jewellery for this great event.

Baptism & First Communion

Great moments in a young person's life.


For many people, the beginning to adult life is the celebration of confirmation.

Leaving school & Graduation

If a young person has completed his/her education, this is a reason to give him/her a gift.