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je nach Verfügbarkeit und Preisentwicklung der Edelsteine


A.E. Köchert Juweliere Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Neuer Markt 15
1010 Wien

T +43 1 512 58 28
F +43 1 513 40 22



Handelsgericht 1010 Wien
(Commercial Court, 1010 Vienna); Company no. 68204a

VAT no.: ATU14987503

IBAN AT532011100000452297

Legal form

Company with limited liability

Corporate purpose

“Gold and silversmiths according to §94 Z.25 Gew0 1973” as well as “Trade according to § 103 Abs. 1 lit. BZ 25 Gew0 1973 limited to the trade with gold, silver and jewellery as well as with watches, precious stones, semiprecious stones and pearls “

Professional association


Job title

Jeweller, goldsmith and silversmith

Trade authority

MBA 1/8, MA f. d. 1. U. 8. District

Professional regulations

Trade regulations (available at www.ris.bka.gv.at)

Website and Concept

Spotstone United


Craig Dillon, Pilo PichlerElisabeth Gatterburg, Sophie Köchert, Bernhard Kummer

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