Jade jewellery

There’s just no end to the positive energy one could communicate about jade. It first gained renown thanks to the Emperors in China, who designated it a “heavenstone”.  The Aztecs and Mayans also prized jade, considering it even more valuable than gold. They revered the stone as the “stone of love”, which was believed to transform friendship into inner love. The Conquistadors named it piedra de ijada – loinstone – because the indigenous peoples would use it to treat kidney ailments. This is also where the name “nephrite” originated. Jadeite is also part of the jade mineral group, of course.

In all colours

The most popular – and expensive – is Imperial Jade, which is a vibrant emerald green, and whose flawless translucent surface is a result of its containing traces of the element chrome. Jade can actually be found in all the colours of the spectrum, however, from rosé through mauve along to orange and black. Our company has devoted an outstanding collection to this sumptuous, mysterious stone – making it the perfect choice for those who want to truly stand out, of course.

Our jade jewellery