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je nach Verfügbarkeit und Preisentwicklung der Edelsteine

For the birth of a child

Anyone who has held their first child in their arms will tell you it is the single greatest gift one can ever be blessed with! Which is why many proud fathers like to give a very special piece of jewellery as a gift to mark the great event, and express their gratitude to their wife. This jewel will always be closely associated with the person whose birth it has been used to mark. 

A place with the mother

Very often, pieces of jewellery are given as gifts which can be enhanced in a charming way with each tiny new arrival. Bracelets, for example, to which other colours and stones can be added for each new new-born child. Each child then knows which colour is its own, of course, and instinctively enjoys the fact that it has its own very special place in its mother’s armband. Usually, the name and date of birth of each child is engraved into the armband, while a similar effect can be achieved with necklaces…