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je nach Verfügbarkeit und Preisentwicklung der Edelsteine

Hunting fever

All of us at Imperial and Royal Court Jewellers A.E. Köchert have been perfectly conversant with hunting for as long as we can remember – the Kaiser himself was a hugely passionate hunter, after all. As a result, we were able to create a vast array of elegant hunting jewellery for him and his hunting party, using a mix of Grandln – the rare eye teeth of deer or stags – gold and precious stones. Our mission today? To interpret this proud tradition in a new and modern way.

We will be pleased to advise you personally about something you would find truly special when out hunting, and to create unique hunting insignia in accordance with your wishes. Please feel free to bring your Grandln or other trophies with you when you visit us: we’ll use these to create something genuinely decorative for you to wear while hunting. 

Our hunting jewelry