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je nach Verfügbarkeit und Preisentwicklung der Edelsteine

Jewellery made-to-measure

Creating one-off pieces according to the desires of our clients has always been a speciality of ours. Come to us with your precious stones, ideas and inspirations; we’ll be happy to advise you. First of all, we select the stones. Then we draw a number of different proposals by hand, using traditional methods, giving you a good idea of how the piece will look once created.  Occasionally we will complement these drawings with renderings – designs created by computer. Renderings underline the three-dimensional nature of the piece, the colour intensity of the stones, and the sheen of the metal being used. 

If you are happy with the design, then we will produce your highly personal piece of jewellery at our company’s own workshop.


For the aristocracy and bourgeoisie of the 19th century, magnificent tiaras were the highlights and showpieces of the family jewellery. Invitations to grand balls and wedding soirées would often include the words Diadème si possible, and there was a veritable “tiara boom” between 1880 and 1918. These pieces of jewellery didn’t just embellish the ladies in question tremendously; they were also popular statements, designed to underline a family’s social status and importance.
Today, in the 21st century, tiaras are enjoying a renaissance.


We recently had the honour of creating this tiara and matching pendant based on a design dating back to 1910 for the bride of a good client to wear to their wedding.

Pine tiara

The House of Köchert has specialised in producing jewellery with a hunting theme since the early 19th century. Creating this mountain pine tiara, therefore, was a welcome extension of the hunting motif and canon. A client and good friend of the company once used the long hours spent on the raised hide until the first “sighting” to weave a garland out of mountain pine for his beautiful wife. That was the starting-point for this very special piece of jewellery.

Branch bangle

 A woodland find, moulded into a unique bracelet made from a breathtaking combination of silver and sapphires.

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Champagne cork bracelet

One particularly merry night, the same friend of the company  also chose to weave an armband for his wife. This time, it was out of so-called “clasps”, the wire fastenings of Champagne bottles. We were subsequently commissioned to produce these extraordinary pieces of jewellery based on this idea, as simple as it is ingenious. Rather than the usual cork platelets, we polished chalcedony, before then painting images of the wearer’s hobbies onto this with a fine brush.

Chandelier earrings

Every jeweller dreams of being able to produce earrings such as these. The stipulation? Chandelier drop earrings made from the most beautiful coloured stones money could buy. Thanks to a trip to Paris, where we visited one of the world’s top polishers of coloured stones, we had a vast array of possible solutions at our disposal. And so it was that these graceful earrings came about. Every single one of the precious stones used here is amongst the rarest and loveliest of its kind.


Grandl necklace and bracelet

With the words “Make me something out of these!”, one particularly passionate huntswoman handed us a jewellery box made from green leather containing countless pairs of her most beautiful “Grandln” – a deer or stag’s eye teeth, extremely rare and prized by hunters since time immemorial. The result, in our opinion, speaks for itself.


The famous artist George Condo created the design for this unique piece: an opulent perfume flacon which harks back to the tradition of the rare, curious and unusual showpieces of the Renaissance-era chambers of marvels.

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Engagement rings

Many newly-engaged couples pay homage to this hugely personal decision with a piece of jewellery that is equally special and individual to them. Together with our specialists, they create an engagement ring according to their individual ideas that speaks its own very special language. 

Feelings, mutual experiences, visions of a shared future together – all these things and more can be expressed in an unmistakeable piece of jewellery

Signet rings

Our clients like to give signet rings to loved ones as one part of a rite de passage, to mark a new chapter in life – as the education of a young member of their family’s draws to a close, for example. This can help with the process of breaking free from the parental home, as it remains a sign that the young person in question continues to belong to that whole, and remains closely bound to other family members.

Stone portraits

Jewellery has a strong emotional dimension, and in contrast to people and feelings, it lasts forever.  Portraits in stone make it possible us to remember much-loved people in our lives – forever. It can do just the same thing for us with family pets and animals close to our hearts, the things we love and hobbies we follow with a passion.

Honours & Distinctions

Would you like to honour extraordinary performance with an undeniably unforgettable gift?
Pieces of jewellery that distinguish those receiving them have a long and proud tradition for us. 

Examples include the Sub Auspiciis Praesidentis rings, which were still being referred to as Sub Auspiciis Imperatoris at the time of the Kaisers. 

Today, just as then, university graduates who have performed uniquely well are honoured. Then there is the Philharmonic Ring, which the world-famous orchestra presents to personalities deemed deserving of such an honour. 


We have created cufflinks as company gifts for a major oil group, in which high-value sapphires mounted in gold present the company logo in an elegant manner.

Gifts to employees

In the context of companies, outstanding performance by highly deserving members of staff can never be honoured too highly. Pieces of jewellery – thanks to their often deeply emotional value – are perfectly suited to expressing gratitude and deep attachment on the part of the institution in question. They also represent an unmatched means of fostering deep loyalty amongst employees and strengthening an organisation’s corporate identity.

Hunting insignia

If you’ve ever spent a few days out hunting together with fellow enthusiasts, then you’ll know just how much this passion can unite people. That’s why, as a reminder of those days out in the divine open air, it’s usual for the master of the hunt to present his guests with hunting insignia that he will have designed personally, together with the House of Köchert. The guest is happy, the hat decorated, and the memory remains very much alive. 

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Jewellery as official representation

What is a Rector without a Rector’s chain? When the prestigious Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna – the MUK – was founded in 2016, we created the new Rector’s chain – according to designs by Julia Obermüller. Ms Obermüller’s idea for the chain had won an Austria-wide design competition held for the purpose.