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Mother’s Day

Schmuck zur Geburt

Mother's Day

Mothers: you either have one, love one or are one yourself. And even exceptional times such as these make time for Mother’s Day. This year, why not think about scattering flowers to celebrate Mother’s Day? Lilac is reflected in the amethyst, diamonds radiate like white peonies, while a ruby speaks the same language as red roses – and they won’t gradually wilt.

All those weeks of lockdown were far from easy – and no more so than for the mothers of the world. What with home schooling, home office, hairdressers closed and the household filled to overflowing, there’s been little to no time to sit back and take it easy. Now, though, you have a chance to show just how grateful you are to Mum, and to express just how much you appreciate her. All of us here at Maison Köchert look forward to offering you help and advice in putting together a richly colourful bouquet.

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