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je nach Verfügbarkeit und Preisentwicklung der Edelsteine

Stone Portraits – the Art of Remembering

Much-loved people, loveable pets, grand adventures – all these memories can be immortalised in a stone portrait. A rock crystal forms the basis for this. First of all, the stone is hollowed out from behind. If it is a person being depicted, initially the shape of his or her face is plastically engraved into the stone from behind. The portrait is then painted into this modelling, using a fine brush, in the style of miniature painting. This engraving, and the optical effect of the concavely-cut stone, create a three-dimensional effect in the portrait. The stones then grace rings, necklaces or bracelets, memories we can carry with us forever.

Cherishing people and moments

The technique of the stone portrait has been fostered at Maison Köchert for over 200 years now. Originally, they were used as reminders of fine hunting dogs, beautiful horses or grand hunting scenes – their hobbies knew no limits. Today, this culture of reminiscing is experiencing a Renaissance, and it remains very possible to hold on to people and moments using the technique. They remain in the moment, could not possibly be closer – and are climate-neutral. You don’t always need to arduously sift through your pictures gallery when you want to introduce your loved ones. Simply bring us a photo of your favourite person or animal, and in a process involving delicate craftsmanship, our miniaturists will create a very special piece for you that is one of a kind. This might be the bracelet, for example – of a grandmother who likes to take all her grandchildren with her on her travels.
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