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je nach Verfügbarkeit und Preisentwicklung der Edelsteine

Recycling Gold

Spotlight on recycled gold once again

Gold has been recycled – collected, melted down and reforged to create something beautifully new – since time immemorial. During periods of increased demand, however, the focus returns to recycled gold, the best and most environmentally-friendly option for fair and responsible gold.

Recycling gold which is already in circulation means neither quicksilver (mercury) nor cyanide are needed to mine the metal. As a result, the mining process does not damage the health of workers or pollute the groundwater. It also removes the need to dig ever-deeper and more dangerous mine shafts, risking human lives by doing so. To create recycled gold, we use precious metal that has been “broken off” from old sources of jewellery in private hands. This is melted down at responsible and certified metal refineries such as Ögussa, then newly alloyed. As reclaimed gold, it is then ready to be used to create a new item of jewellery.